What to do After 12th?

As we know there are usually three main subject streams available in India to pass your 10+2. These are, Science, Commerce and arts. There are popular courses in all the three streams.

what to do after 12th

What are the Popular Courses in Science Stream- If you have passed 12th with science stream; you can choose from a wide array of courses like

1. Engineering
2. Bachelor of Science
3. Architecture
4. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)
5. Bachelor of Dental Science
6. Pharmacy
7. Commercial Pilot
8. Merchant Navy
9. Biotechnology
10. Defense Services

What are the Popular Courses in Commerce – Stream of Commerce has also a wide choice to give you. You can choose from

1. Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)
2. Bachelor in Business Administration (B.B.A)
3. Chartered Accountant (C.A.)
4. Company Secretary (C.S.)
5. Bachelor of Finance and Accounting (BFA)
6. Law
7. Actuarial Sciences
8. CFA
9. Hotel Management
10. Fashion Designing
11. Animation

What are the Popular Courses in Arts – This stream also has various popular courses that are rewarding as a career choice. The courses that associated with Arts are.

1. Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
2. Journalism and Mass Communication
3. Bachelor of Fine Arts
4. Psychology
5. LAW
6. Animation
7. Fashion Designing
8. Hotel Management

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What Are Entrance Exams – The exams held by several educational institutes to give admissions to students are known as the Entrance Exams. These exams depend upon the subject stream or the course you pursue. For them, the institutes announce the important dates on which you have to appear for it. If you want all the vital details about the entrance exams after 12th, important dates and application process etc along with the courses, then the book what to do after 12th written by Harsh Malik is your key to success.

Here are some common national level entrance exams in specific subject streams:

Entrance Exams in Science stream (PCM) –
1. Birla Institute of Technology and Science for Bachelor’s in Engineering programme (BITSAT)
2. Common Entrance Test (CET)
3. Joint Entrance Examination (JEE)

Entrance Exams in Science stream (PCB) –
1. All India Medical Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS-MBBS)
2. All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT)
3. Delhi University Medical/Dental Entrance Test
4. Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC Entrance)

Entrance Exams in Commerce –
1. Common Law Admission Test (CLAT)
2. All India Law Entrance Test (AILET)
3. Common Proficiency Test (CPT
4. Integrated MBA

Entrance Exams in Arts –
1. DU DSE for admission in B.A or M.A
2. B.Arch
5. Design Entrance Test for admissions in NIFT , NID

Apart from all these common entrance exams, there are numerous other entrance exams available in every stream after 12th.

Which University – Once you make up your mind about the course that you want to pursue you also need to look out for the top universities offering that. There are various types of Universities like,

1. Central Government Universities
2. State Government Universities
3. Deemed Universities
4. Private Universities,

They stand out as highly chosen ones amongst students. The university that you choose makes a lot of difference in terms of the degree that you get.

What are Scholarships – There are students with extraordinary talent who want to pursue expensive studies further and there are also students who are genuinely incapable to finance their studies after 12th. For them, different trusts and organisations provide scholarships to ease the financial burden. This is an essential aspect of education which is unfortunately fewer students are aware about. If you are also looking for scholarship to study further than you need to gather the information about it too. There are certain criteria for the organisations to give scholarships after 12th students. They are-

1. Financial Need
2. Academic Performance
3. Means cum Merit Based
4. Religious Affiliation
5. Sports Achievement
6. Minority Status
7. Disability/Illness
8. Others

Scholarships can also be applied for, if you aspire to pursue your studies abroad. There are various expenses attached to abroad studies. With the various scholarships available you can choose to fund your studies while you are studying from a university based out of India. This also brings lot of questions to your mind about abroad studies. Let’s find the answer for that.

What are Abroad Studies – There are many students who prefer to pursue a course from universities abroad. You need to also find various aspects related to abroad studies. When you choose to abroad study after 12th, you need to gather all the information about the top university in your preferred country, the study expenses attached, the course duration and the application process, boarding and lodging, details about the work permit if you wish to work while you study. Also the types of visas offered by your preferred country plays an important role when you plan to stay there and work too along with studies.

The in depth details about the challenges you might face when you study abroad and the solutions that can help you complete your studies without any hassle are all provided in the book ‘what to do after 12th’. To get admission in the Universities abroad, you need to clear certain entrance exams. Most of the universities and colleges abroad require the students who are not citizens of their country to pass these tests. These important exams are-

1. Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)
2. International English Language Testing System (IELETS) and
3. Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL)

When you think of funding your abroad studies or an expensive professional course in India, you also need to know as much you can about the various educational loans provided by different banks in India. Let find out a bit more about these study loans.

What are Educational Loans – Educational loans are the study loans provided to the students by various banks. If you want to pursue a professional course after 12th that seems a bit expensive to you or if you want to study abroad and need funds for that, you can avail the facility of different economic educational loans. Before applying for it, you can check the rate of interest provided by different banks and compare them to get the best deal. Certain banks also provide life insurance policies but that depends on bank.

These were few important points that you need to keep in mind before choosing a career course to pursue after 12. If you are well equipped with all such useful information you will be able to make a better selection of the most rewarding course. Apart from all these aspects, there are smaller yet important parameters like the course duration of the course and the application process and fees that hold a big importance in your decision making.

Some courses take three to four years to complete while diploma courses or other short term professional courses make you job ready in a year.
Also they have different procedures of application process and different course fee. The forms are released in specific months for all the courses and there are also important dates to submit them. All these things together make a career decision that gives you the best career opportunities with rewarding prospects.

You need to have a thorough research done about all the mentioned aspect along with the course that you want to pursue to get your dream job.

The question that comes in your mind now is how to get all the details about all these parameters at one place? The answer to it is Career Counselling. When you hear the term career counselling, there are many things that start stirring up your mind. The coming information can help you solve those questions.

What is Career Counselling – Career counselling is the key factor responsible to provide the best career option that fits with your interest and strengths and highlights it to make it the most rewarding one. Along with that, you get the expert advice and result oriented action plans to enhance your skills and caliber. Career counselling services, like personal counseling sessions and aptitude tests, make you confident and ready for the challenges.

Why Do you Need Career Counselling – Generally, to seek advice on career and especially while making a career decision after 12th you tend to seek advice from the people who are close to you. They can be your parents, relatives, teachers, mentor, or friends, most of the time. At times even they are incapable to advice you, because of lack of knowledge in your field of interest. As a result their suggestions can be biased or influenced most of the time. However, you need to have a fair career advice given by an expert, who is professionally aware of all the aspects of career building.

This is where you need a career counselor who provides you the counselling that enables you to make a well informed career choice.

Now what if we tell you that you can get career counselling in a complete package as a one stop solution? Well, how About a Complete Career Guide Book.

The Book – What to do after 12th?’ is a one stop solution and a complete career guide that gives you minutest of the details about all the essential aspects of making a successful career. Written by a renowned career counsellor and motivational speaker Harsh Malik this book has gained huge popularity amongst students for it unmatched content on career options after 12th. Launched by Hon. Chief Minister Shri Akhilesh Yadav, the book covers all the topics like top professional courses, entrance exams, course duration, application fees, scholarships, affordable educational loans, aspects of studying abroad, etc in a great detail for you.

To choose the right career is an important decision. If it is made in a planned and well-informed way, considering all the essential aspects, it definitely can fetch you your dream job and a successful career.

So at this important stage of life when you have to choose that one career option that will decide the course of your life, seek guidance through career counselling and make a career choice that can never make you regret for all the years to come. To choose the right career is an important decision. If it is made in a planned and well-informed way, considering all the essential aspects, it definitely can fetch you your dream job and a successful career.

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